Your Fairfax County and Virginia Representatives

Do they represent you?  Let your voice be heard don’t wait for another day.

The list below is for Fairfax County, Springfield district.  All district representative contacts can be found here:

US Senate Representatives
Mark Warner - Senior Member

Northern VA
Tim Kaine - Junior Member

US House Representative
Gerry Connolly - Click Here to Write Congressman Connolly

Terry McAuliffe

Lt. Governor
Ralph Northam

Attorney General
Mark Herring

General Assembly Representatives
This is where Virginia (even schools) change happens

State Senate: Dave Marsden - E-mail:
State House of Delegates: Eileen Filler-Corn - E-mail:
General Assembly School Board Rep.: Tamara Kaufax – Email:

Fairfax County Representatives:

Chairman Board of Supervisors:  Sharon Bulova - E-mail:
District Board of Supervisors:  John Cook - E-mail:

School Board
This is where FCPS change happens

Superintendent: Sharon Garza – E-mail:
Deputy Superintendent:  Steven Lockard – E-mail
District School Board Rep: Megan McLaughlin - E-mail:

National PTA
This is one place for Student Advocacy

National PTA: E-mail
VAPTA: E-mail:

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